Casa Grande are a trusted supplier of ours and are a pleasure to work with due to their passion, enthusiasm, reliability, and great product.
Merlin Entertainments Ltd, Merlin Entertainments Ltd


Across all our ranges, the heraldic magnets continue to be our best sellers, popular with both local and foreign tourists. The product is good value to the customer and an excellent money spinner for us given how little square footage the display takes up.
Danielle Sargent, St Georges Chapel


We have been selling heraldic products from Casa Grande for a number of years and they are always amongst our top sellers. They are a great impulse buy and excellent value for money
Helen Russell, Salisbury Cathedral


The stands present themselves very well and are always attracting the customers looking for something different.
Paul Gilbank, Arundel Castle


We have stocked Casa Grande products for over 20 years. Starting small with just 1 line(heraldic keyring) and gradually we have increased to 3 lines (heraldic magnet, bookmark and keyring). The magnet is consistently in our top 10 best-selling products. The revenue generated is high from a small sales space. The company are easy to work with and will always try to work with their customers the best they can.
Jane Bish, Shop Operations Manager. Westminster Abbey Enterprises Limited